20507411_10104850248150648_2714919620870773992_oFrom the beginning I was completely and absolutely hesitant about buying a house; my wife on the other hand had complete and total confidence in both the house buying process and the fact that we could be successful in purchasing and maintaining our purchase.  The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted Billy Hoffman to be our representation if we were going to walk through this process.  On day one, Billy had us up to the office and introduced us to Kristie Melvin!  They are an unstoppable team together!  After that first meeting we felt like we knew what to expect from the process of buying our first home and how to approach it.


Funny enough, Kristie showed us every house, except the one we ended up buying (Billy got that honor)!  It popped up on the market on a day that both Billy and Kristie were crazy busy out of their minds and they worked together to get Billy’s schedule clear enough to show us the property!  We walked through it immediately saw our family spending many years in this home.  I was extremely skeptical at the beginning of the process, but I am not only a believer in Billy and Kristie- I actively look for ways to promote their work!  Every person who has come into our home has complimented it multiple times; it’s because of the work of Billy and Kristie that we get the honor of rearing our family, fielding these compliments, and having such an intense pride about our home!  We thank God for you two Billy and Kristie!  You both made this process painless and enjoyable (even due diligence)!

The greatest part is anytime we need anything, because of the expansiveness of Hunter Rowe’s network, Kristie and Billy have the answer!


Michael and Carmen