img_4002You are awesome! I wanted to let you know that we have bought 11 homes. We have worked with real estate agents specializing in corporate relocation in cross-country move 5 times. Also, I coordinated relocation for a business unit with 1900 employees years ago. I’m also a big process and systems person. So my feedback comes from an extensive background and personal experience. And while technology has changed drastically since our first home in 1991, the systems you have in place at Hunter & Rowe are amazing. You have thought about every little detail and included it in the communication and sales process. From the initial interview assessment and understanding expectations to “What’s Next” after having an offer accepted to taking care of scheduling inspection, I’m thoroughly impressed with your group and with you. Great systems and processes are a foundation. However, an agent’s individual commitment and willingness to exceed expectations creates an amazing experience.

Thank You.

Edie B., Raleigh, NC