As a new mother, my son, Jagger, is my top priority. Making sure that he is well taken care of, happy, healthy, and of course dressed fashionably is important to me. Most parents these days find themselves needing to work after the baby arrives. It is easy to wonder; who is going to care for your child like you do? And so the search starts for the perfect daycare.

I have great news, it can be done! There is a way to be comfortable having your baby in daycare and work. Returning to work after just 5 ½ weeks off was tough, no doubt, but the Spanish For Fun daycare has helped me feel that I am also doing Jagger a big favor. jaggers-sff-daycare-class

Spanish for Fun is a creative and fun curriculum that utilizes full immersion Spanish. Friends with children that have been attending Spanish for Fun have confirmed to me that by 2 years old, their children are bi-lingual. The teachers at the infant center have been amazing.  Jagger always has a huge smile in the morning when we arrive. The classes are always doing fun projects, having musical guests, and participating in creative activities.


One thing I really appreciate about Jagger’s school is that the classes are small and separated by age groups. Other daycares I visited have one central room with babies that are a few months old mixed in with babies that are walking. Having smaller classes helps Jagger to build relationships but also makes me feel good knowing that he gets more attention from the teachers. Spanish for Fun has really been helpful in accommodating my schedule too. They have options for part-time or full-time care plus they have a summer camp program option.


As the #2 spoken first language in the world (and English is NOT #1 according to we want to give Jagger the opportunities that come with being fluently bi-lingual. Even if Jagger doesn’t remain fluent in Spanish, I feel certain the school will have been good for his confidence and education. My husband and I are sure that we made a great choice, and we recommend this company to all of our friends and acquaintances!


Please share below what things you wished you would have thought of before you selected a daycare?



image credit: SFF Facebook page