image1Billy Hoffman was everything we wanted out of a realtor. As first-time home buyers, we needed someone we could lean on as a true advisor – Billy was that expert, and more.

On a professional level, Billy was superb. We entered the process with so many unknowns, and Billy was the hand guiding us through it all. That was the case, whether it was replying promptly and thoughtfully to our never-ending series of questions, or making savvy, strategic recommendations when we found ourselves in a competitive situation – which he ultimately helped us win, by the way!
Given the intimacy of the realtor-client relationship, though, you need someone you actually enjoy working with beyond a professional level, and on a personal note Billy, was the best. Always approaching our interactions with a friendly and upbeat attitude, we consider him to be a friend at his point, and have already drawn up his invitation to our housewarming party.
As we reflected on this broader process, we realized what it really comes down to when you’re choosing a realtor is whether or not that person can deliver. Does your representative truly understand what it is that you’re looking for, and can they deliver that to you? For us, Billy did, and we never had any doubt. For anyone else considering working with him, we have every faith he would do the same, and that he will make it an awesome experience along the way.