billy testimonialWhen Court and I decided to start looking into buying a house the first thing we felt was pure panic. We didn’t know what we needed or who we could partner with to guide us through the process. We were introduced to Billy Hoffman by a family member via email and shortly after we had a dinner meeting with him. The panic vanished as soon as we shook his hand. I told him at that moment that I had a million questions and he immediately said “I’m listening”. From that point on it was an absolute pleasure to work with Billy. I could call him, text him, e-mail him, or track him down through smoke signals if I needed to but he would get back to me as fast as he could. He made the process extremely easy. He is attentive, caring, focused, and genuine. He really did care about what we wanted in all aspects. Now don’t get me wrong, buying a house involves a lot of hard work from all the parties involved, but when you have a partner/friend instead of just your realtor by your side it is much more enjoyable. Needless to say we found the perfect house in a timely manner and worked with the absolute best realtor anyone could find in the triangle. Billy, thank you for bringing us home!

All the best,

Daniela Caicedo and Court Satterwhite