real estate attorneyI have had the pleasure of being the closing attorney for many of Billy’s clients. Each time the clients left the closing table smiling, happy, and excited about their new home. Billy has a huge impact on assuring every transaction is a success. He is intricately involved in every part of the process, down to the last detail. Having an agent who is knowledgeable about the market is important, but the mark of a great agent is one who can easily see the contract through to closing. Clients need a Realtor who can handle any issues that arise with a level head and a well honed skill set for problem solving. Billy embodies all of these traits. I always look forward to representing Billy’s clients because I know I will be working with an attentive agent who is acutely attuned to their individual needs and who is equally capable of handling the unique aspects and nuances of every pending sale.
~Ashley Ray
Sterling Law