14434892_10103849083427778_3697621433913189200_oI have always heard how stressful buying your first home would be, so when I decided I wanted to buy my first house, I was quite intimidated.  I knew absolutely nothing about buying a house and the information available on the internet was quite overwhelming.  When I met with Billy Hoffman, he quickly relieved all of my stress and worrying about buying a house.  From the start, he went over the basics of buying your first home and all of the dos and don’ts.  After meeting with him and picking out a few areas we were interesting in buying, Billy took us on countless house tours.  There were several houses we were close to putting in an offer on but did not; however, Billy just kept finding us new houses to look at.  Never once did I feel like I was bothering him, even though I was so picky over every house we saw!  Finally when we were on vacation Billy called and said he may have found the perfect house.  We were out of town and would not be back for another week.  Billy offered to take a video of the house and send it to us to see if it interested us.  As soon as we saw the video, we knew it was the one.  So, a huge thank you to Billy for making this stressful process not stressful at all.  I really never stressed out at all the entire time.  Anytime I ever had a question, I could text or call Billy and he would immediately respond.  Thank you so much for everything you did, Billy!