Being a parent is something that will change your world forever. We are so lucky there are so many options to help us achieve the dream of having a child, such as Adoption! Even though my son is only 1, I cannot imagine life without him. He has brought us the most joy ever imaginable over this past year. My Facebook has become overhauled with photos and posts about how great he is and all the happiness he has brought our family.

A dear college friend of mine recently made me aware of his and his wife’s dream to expand their family. Seems like a simple enough desire. But what if it wasn’t that easy? Unfortunately conceiving naturally has been a challenge for them. Dave Midkiff is one of the most likeable persons I have ever known. Even though I have never had the chance to meet his wife, Jen, it seems obvious through photos I have been able to see, & stories I have read, that she is equally as likeable and fun. You can just tell they are going to make amazing parents. Their quest has now begun to seek a successful adoption of a child to call their own.


My hope is that you will take a few moments of your time to break away from what you are doing and view their special video. After viewing the video I am asking that you pay it forward and repost the link to this video on your Facebook, blog, webpage, or email blast. The video is heartwarming and emotional and I recommend having a tissue nearby. I sincerely appreciate your time and help with this mission. I would love to add an update to this posting soon, that because of all the posts of this video…Dave and Jen’s Family Dream has come true…the Adoption was a Success!!

To watch click on the link below:


Image Credit: David Midkiff



Do you have any advice for David and Jen?