paige-family-timePeople always think they can’t sell real estate because they didn’t grow up around here and don’t know many people. But Kristin and I were both newcomers to the area and have both shown that you don’t have to have a ton of people you know. Our process will get you there!

Hunter Rowe is by far the best! The continued training available is like getting your 4-year real estate degree after you finish community college and get your license. You learn the ins and outs of real estate transactions at a speed that will take somebody else at another firm years. There is way more support available than you get other places.

We have a dynamic team ready to go that offers the support you need. Client service managers are something that no other firm has really figured out how to put into effect. The partnership between the agent and the CSM works well once you get your flow going, as far as servicing a client, because you can’t be in two places at once. While a lot of agents at other firms spend their days spinning their wheels working on one thing while I’m able to get 5 to 10 things done and find new clients while Justin and other CSM’s put out fires that would take me all day or at least a long part of the day.

As a firm, we are much more innovative. We problem solve and put it into motion much faster than I’ve ever seen, even in other industries, because we want to be one step ahead. We really really care about not just throwing a sign in the yard and crossing our fingers and hoping it sells. We track, and pay attention to the progress of our listings. It’s not just something that we do for a couple of months. It’s a continual thing. Like our processes, continuing to improve them only makes us better and able to do more.

Since joining Hunter Rowe I am much more confident in being able to handle more business. I am able to spend more time with my family knowing that my business isn’t going to suffer on the side because of the relationship with my CSM. Having fine-tuned trainings help so that we negotiate better, faster and can do more.

You may be thinking “Geez, I don’t feel like I can have somebody else do the client work with my clients. I think the clients might notimage want to work with me if I tell them I have a CSM. I’m not going to do it all myself.” Well, I completely 100% understand that because I used to think the same thing, but if you look at all the big agents out there, they basically have this same structure as far as people … You might not even ever meet your actual agent, yet you’re using their name. The way that we do this, I feel we maintain, we know our clients, we keep a personal touch, and we introduce it in a way that we’re a team and we need to have that team structure so that we get the best deals for our clients and we maintain the best relationships.

A lot of people come to me and think Real estate is super difficult. No doubt, but it’s an amazing opportunity and you can’t look at it like, “Oh, well I have kids. I can’t do it,” because Kristen, myself, Ashley … We all have kids. Other agents have young kids. We have plenty of time for family stuff. You have this amazing flexible schedule, but you also can make a really great income.

Don’t wait. Get on it because you might think you’re making good money working tons of hours for somebody else, but you can make probably double, triple, quadruple that, and it’s a lot more fun.

Paige Rogalski