img_3850My wife and I recently decided to “gather information” on the Real Estate market in our area.  I know several Realtors but had been impressed with Ashley Brooks when I met her at a business function so I invited her to sit down with my wife and I for an initial consultation.  The connection was immediate between all of us.  Ashley’s interest in what was best for us as a family superseded her interest in selling and buying houses.  She was more interested in helping us move our family home.   Ashley was tireless in responding to our endless questions after hours, on weekends, and even while on vacation.  She gave us access to mounds of research about houses and neighborhoods but took the time to help us understand and focus on the most important aspects of what she had compiled.  Within 2 weeks of our initial meeting we were under contract to sell and buy and she walked us through the entire process until, and even after, we moved into our dream home.

Ashley Brooks started out as our Realtor but very soon became a family friend that we trusted fully to help us make the largest purchase of our lives.  I’m grateful for the level of service and peace she and her company provided.  I highly recommend letting Ashley help you through the wild and wonderful experience of selling and/or buying a home.



Miller & Amy Lawson