billy-buyerThey say that buying a home is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s lifetime. And for me, being a first-time home buyer, I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea of finding a place to call my own. Before I had my initial meeting with Billy, I honestly didn’t know if I had the credentials for home ownership, or knew where to start in the home search. He was incredibly kind, compassionate and realistic – which is exactly what I needed to feel more at ease in the process beginning. He went out of his way to help me in finding the right people to speak with regarding credit planning and mortgage brokering. Once I had my numbers solidified – the search began!

Searching for the perfect home wasn’t easy with my schedule – as I’m on the road constantly with appointments. This did not dissuade Billy in the least! We were able to find time to look at properties around my work schedule. And when we were not looking at properties physically, we were in constant contact with each other about properties to look at online. We both found the home I ended up purchasing at the same time, and he already had it on the list of properties to look at before I even mentioned it to him! That is a great example of his ability to be on the same page as his clients. Billy went out of his way to be there for important events during the contract period when I was unable, and gave me detailed reports every step of the way.

I would recommend Billy to anyone who is needing the services of a qualified Realtor. He kept me at ease with his communication, follow-through and attention to detail. His personality speaks volumes, and I thank him for all that he has done for me.


Kristen Clyburn