4008-ketteringOur house search was difficult from day one to the day of close, owing to multiple factors: seller’s market, our fairly strict criteria, and the way our criteria evolved as we explored the market. As Ashley Brooks may remember, we were initially looking to max out at something like $240k and were including even West Cary in our range. We eventually settled at a higher purchase price, but constrained our search to a fairly specific and small section of Durham. We genuinely appreciated Ashley’s patience with our changing criteria and search parameters, along with an unending willingness to explain things that were undoubtedly obvious to her, but to which we were completely oblivious.

Once we found a house, Ashley was forced to work with a seller who can charitably be described as difficult, possibly unreasonable, certainly unprofessional. Ashley, however, never lost your professional manner and, importantly, shielded us from many of the myriad frustrations that come with working with such a person. Tirelessly (and seemingly endlessly) going back and forth between us and the sellers, or inspectors, or other inspectors, or engineers, while also dealing with wrapping up the sale of my house (and its frustrations) without losing her composure or your dedication to doing the best thing for us. The process was, again, not easy, but Ashley’s patience, professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to our best interests made a huge difference. Amazingly, this continued well after we closed as we dealt with a bumbling law firm seemingly incapable of handling a simple home warranty. The follow up and resolution there I probably could have done myself, but (1) I really didn’t want to deal with the hassle, and (2) I fully trusted Ashley to see it through to resolution. That trust does not come easily.

Thank you again Ashley for all of your help with buying this house and selling mine. I’m still bummed I didn’t get a picture with my arm around your life size headshot on that gigantic sign in front of my old house. That’s too bad… that would have been hilarious. On the other hand, I also didn’t draw a moustache on it, which is probably for the best but also would have been hilarious. A mixed bag really 😉