House #2

What’s my best weekend ever look like? Selling three houses in two days.

It happened on the weekend of March 1. What a way to kick off the month!

My first client was a local family looking to move into North Hills in midtown Raleigh. If you know the area, you know how trendy the neighborhood has become and the challenge that presents when it comes to real estate. So when we found the coolest home in this hot location  – we jumped on it.

Since we were competing with another party, we went in with a good offer (a little above asking price), and it paid off. The offer was accepted Saturday morning and we close next month.

House #3

Next, I was representing the seller of a home in south Raleigh. We got an offer Saturday morning and by noon we sealed the deal. The best part is the home was only on the market for 10 days and sold at 98 percent of the list price.

Finally, Saturday afternoon I was showing houses to another family who was looking to buy. They fell in love with a beautiful house and we knew several buyers were interested and things were about to get complicated, not to mention expensive. I advised them not to wait because they would end up competing with those other buyers which could cost them more for the house in the long run. They agreed, so we submitted a strong and respectable offer up front Saturday night and on Sunday it was accepted.

This is a great example of what’s driving the real estate market in the Triangle. Inventory hasn’t been this low in 11 years. Right now we’re telling people, “If you sleep on it – you may not sleep in it.”

In the end, my clients were happy and that’s what really makes this the best weekend ever!

One of three