When seeking out the right realtor a lot of factors come to mind. Network strength, regional knowledge, expert negotiator, flexible and adaptive, responsiveness, diligence, unflinching team mentality and a hardcore bulldog attitude. These are the characteristics you really want working on your side. Right?

Impossible to find in one person, I thought. So I better prepare to simply find someone that can embody a few of these important characteristics and move on wishing for the best.

Then I met Tonia Zampieri. A beautiful woman inside and out and as kind as they come. She cannot possibly be this nice and sweet and still go to the bargaining table on my behalf. No way!

Then she showed me a handful of houses that were exactly what I was looking for along with a few that were slightly above my budget. Almost as if she had access to a secret extra layer on top of the MLS in Raleigh’s exploding market that no one else had. I fell in love five times. Then my financial conditions changed over night for the worse.

I expected to fall out of the market disappointing myself and family and my realtor. Tonia’s response, “No problem at all. I’ll have a solution before the sun goes down, don’t worry about this. I got your back.” I couldn’t believe her. There was no way.

I was completely wrong. Two weeks later with all of Tonia’s determination and quick thinking, I was putting an offer on a house that I thought was way out of reach before my snag and certainly impossible following my financial snag. Not the case.

She’s remarkable. She’s positive and she’s one of the most determined people in real estate I have ever met.

Curve balls come from all angles when you’re looking to buy or sell a house. Tonia is someone who can read the pitch before it’s thrown and prepare you for it with an abundance of foresight and guidance. I cannot imaging putting anyone else on my team.

If you want someone simply to work hard for you, call another realtor. If you want someone brilliant to work smart for you, to tie your happiness to the very best deal, call Tonia.