This is my 2nd Annual Clothing Swap Party!  I invited my girlfriends to bring clothes, housewares, shoes and accessories that they just didn’t like anymore to “swap” for someone else’s! It is so much fun and you leave with a lot of “NEW” clothes.  We always have some left over so I  donate that to a local organization  It is amazing how everyone leaves with something and often times more than just “something.”
This year Megan Cole took home the most items.  Everything looked great on her.  My mother-in-law, Jody, got the best “swap” of the night.  It was a leopard print dress that my mom had brought with the tags still on.  She looked great.
This year it was a lot more organized because I had everyone bring their clothes on hangers and we hung them up by size so you could “shop” in your appropriate size!  I can’t wait for next year!