Tip #1: Make buyers fall in love with your home

Buyers keep looking until they fall in love. They are not looking for “a” home, they are looking for “the” home, their “dream” home. They are tired of seeing homes (9 out of 10) that are not ready for sale. They want a clean, fresh, move-in-ready home. Most do not want to do even minor projects. As a seller, you must understand the mind of the buyer and make buyers fall in love with your

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How To Market Your Home to TRIANGLE Buyers

When it comes to marketing a home, the first question to answer is … “How do buyers in the Triangle area find the home they purchase?”  Once we know that answer, we can market effectively. Note that this is a different question from “How do buyers nationally find the home they purchase?” Buyers behave very differently in different markets. Many homes sit unsold for a long time, because they are being marketed where conventional wisdom

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Tip #1: First Figure Out Your Financing

Before you know what homes to consider, you need to figure out your home financing to know how much you can afford, and that comes down to the monthly payment amount. Between loan products and new lending rules, variable interest rates and credit score surprises, most buyers are looking in the wrong price range (too high or too low).  We will refer you to a mortgage lending specialist with the right experience. Based on your

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