Brent Myers

Brent Myers, MD, MPH

Director of Wake County EMS

919-856-6030 |

I attended UNC-Chapel Hill as an undergrad and Wake Forest University for medical school, so after my residency in Charlotte, I was ready to move back to the Triangle for my fellowship. Fortunately, after my fellowship, I was offered my current position as Medical Director of Wake County Emergency Medical Services.

My current focus as director is mobile integrated healthcare. Rather than automatically taking patients straight to the emergency room, paramedics first attempt to divert patients from the ER to a clinic or mental health facility, when it’s better for the patient. The cooperation and integration of all departments and services enables us to deliver world-class service in a very economic manner. In the last four years, Wake County EMS has tripled its survival rate from cardiac arrest.

I have three tips for success. First, measure what matters rather than what’s easier. Second, give credit where credit is due. Third, you can’t forget about fiscal responsibility.

When I’m not at the EMS, I enjoy exploring the Triangle’s great restaurant scene. I love that you can have a unique dinner from a different part of the world at any time. The culinary community here has all the variety and quality without any of the pretention. I especially like to eat at Poole’s Diner, where you never know what’s going to be on the menu, and Glenwood Grill.