Mike Regan Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agent Raleigh NC with Realtor Elsie PhilipsThe first time I saw one of Hunter Rowe’s listings I said, “This broker understands the market and how to get the highest possible price for their sellers.”

Here’s an example. A certain property expired unsold after 177 days on the market. A friend referred Hunter Rowe to the sellers. They helped them make several small but important changes, then put it back on the market at a HIGHER PRICE. By this time, my buyer had already seen 25 homes, and we were frustrated. Then I saw this listing on MLS and told my buyer, “It’s been on the market for three days. We need to be there at 8am tomorrow.” The home was staged well (vs just “staged” which is often poorly done). My buyer loved it. I said, “Don’t even think about negotiating. Offer list price or you will lose it.” I presented the offer, but Hunter Rowe already had another offer on the home. They said, “We need your highest and best.” We increased our offer and we got it! My buyer is thrilled.

As a fellow broker, Hunter Rowe is great to work with. They are responsive and go out of their way to make things easier. They are tough negotiators, but are trustworthy and do what it takes to make the deal happen. I go out of my way to do business with Hunter Rowe.

– Elise Phillips
Real Estate Broker and Manager at New American Mortgage