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Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

We always suggest to buyers to drive by homes they are considering to ensure they like the neighborhood.  If they are comfortable with the homes’ surroundings, the landscaping has a huge impact on whether a

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Tip #4: Use Temporary Storage Containers

Our sellers have had very good experiences using temporary storage containers (such as PODS or PackRat) to store clutter while preparing their home for sale. Some sellers end up using them for the entire move,

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Painting Your Home to Sell

Painting your home to sell with market-friendly colors is an essential part to preparing your home for sale as a “move-in ready” property.  Fresh paint gives an overall new sense to the home while making

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Home Selling Tips

Click on each home buying tip for an in depth explanation! 1. Make buyers fall in love with your home As a seller, you must understand the mind of the buyer and make buyers fall

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