Raleigh Office:                                                                 Durham Office:
7501 Creedmoor Road, Suite 102                                         7080 NC Hwy 751, Suite 108
Raleigh, North Carolina 27613                                              Durham, North Carolina 27707



Email Address

 Phone Number

Blair, Kim Sales Agent kim.blair@hunterrowe.com 919-452-9148
Brose, Kristie Managing Director kristie.brose@hunterrowe.com 919-210-0489
Brown, Courtney Sales Agent courtney.brown@hunterrowe.com 919-694-0646
Burgwyn, Bo Sales Agent bo@hunterrowe.com 919-632-1763
Burns, TJ Client Service Manager tj.burns@hunterrowe.com 919-808-7415
Carmody, Jan Client Service Manager jan@hunterrowe.com 919-810-6217
Cornelius, Mary Location Support Specialist mary.cornelius@hunterrowe.com 919-539-7866
Daniel, David Sales Agent david@hunterrowe.com 919-422-2079
Evans, Christy Client Service Manager christy.evans@hunterrowe.com 919-946-3437
Gardze, Jason Managing Director jason.gardze@hunterrowe.com 404-933-5921
Goforth, Bryan Manager of Client Services/Broker-in-Charge bryan.goforth@hunterrowe.com 919-986-9045
Gorden, Madison Location Support Specialist madison@hunterrowe.com 509-690-4780
Greene, Tim Sales Agent tim.greene@hunterrowe.com 919-265-3353
Gregor, Trinity Sales Agent trinity@hunterrowe.com 919-413-8157
Gronewald, Ashley Sales Agent ashley@hunterrowe.com 919-633-4760
Gronewald, Jed Sales Agent jed@hunterrowe.com 919-606-2310
Gronewald, Gary Client Service Manager gary@hunterrowe.com 919-606-7747
Haywood, Denni Sales Agent denni@hunterrowe.com 919-271-3077
Hobbs, Steve  Mortgage Broker stevehobbs@alcovamortgage.com 919-846-5549
Hine, Michelle Client Service Manager michelle.hine@hunterrowe.com 919-395-6281
Hoffert, Peggy Client Service Manager peggy.hoffert@hunterrowe.com 919-656-2223
Hurley, Valerie Client Service Manager valerie.hurley@hunterrowe.com 919-271-7618
La, Cam Client Service Manager cam.la@hunterrowe.com 919-607-9917
LaBoy, Alicia Accounting & Finance alicia@hunterrowe.com 919-358-6770
Lindsey, Karen Client Service Manager karen.lindsey@hunterrowe.com 919-760-9085
Mackie, Sally Sales Agent sally.mackie@hunterrowe.com 919-621-1246
Marshall, Ben Client Service Manager ben.marshall@hunterrowe.com 919-924-7099
Melvin, Kristie Client Service Manager kristie.melvin@hunterrowe.com 919-618-3291
Minor, Matt Sales Agent matt.minor@hunterrowe.com 919-450-5999
Nelson, Keri Client Service Manager keri.nelson@hunterrowe.com 984-235-0529
Nguyen, Christine Sales Agent christine@hunterrowe.com 919-931-1276
Oppegaard, Michelle Client Service Manager michelle.oppegaard@hunterrowe.com 919-608-5658
Parmar, Mayank Programmer mayank@hunterrowe.com 919-740-7000
Reed, Cathy Sales Agent cathy.reed@hunterrowe.com 919-675-8540
Regan, Mike Sales Agent mike@hunterrowe.com 919-740-7000
Regan, Stacey Accounting & Finance stacey@hunterrowe.com 919-740-0105
Richardson, Jason Sales Agent jason.richardson@hunterrowe.com 919-548-2090
Salud, Christina Client Service Manager christina.salud@hunterrowe.com 919-780-8232
Shaffer, Jessica Manager of Client Services/Broker-in-Charge jessica.shaffer@hunterrowe.com 919-761-0224
Shankles, Katrina Sales Agent katrina.shankles@hunterrowe.com 919-888-3008
Springer, Laarni Client Service Manager laarni.springer@hunterrowe.com 919-348-8418
Thabet, Ellen Sales Agent ellen.thabet@hunterrowe.com 919-621-6126
Treffer, Ricci Sales Agent ricci.treffer@hunterrowe.com 919-771-3014
Vore, Kristin Sales Agent kristin@hunterrowe.com 919-740-5451
Whitney, Ryan Sales Agent ryan.whitney@hunterrowe.com 919-283-1806
Wical, Jamie Client Service Manager jamie.wical@hunterrowe.com 919-806-7050
Williams, Christina Pricing Analyst christina.williams@hunterrowe.com 919-247-0863
Zetterquist, Adrienne Sales Agent adrienne@hunterrowe.com 919-810-6148