Courtney Brown

Courtney  grew up in South Florida and Atlanta,  and moved to Durham in 2004 for graduate school. This explains her confused love of the Miami Dolphins, Duke basketball and interest in the Atlanta Braves. Courtney attended Williams College in Massachusetts, after which she started her remigration South start moving to DC and finally stopped once she attended Duke University School of Law and has lived in Durham ever since.  She has loved being a part of a rapidly changing and vibrant community and can’t wait to share her love of this area with you. After graduation, she briefly worked in a local law firm and then joined the food movement opening a locally sourced coffee shop in Downtown Durham.  After leaving that she decided to combine her skills with  her knowledge of the area in Real Estate.  Her favorite part is forming relationships with clients and helping people find their homes.  She is a member of the Regional Association of Realtors, and lives in Trinity Park, Durham.  When not working for clients she is likely working on a volunteer cause either in law or with the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties where she is a member, rooting for Duke Basketball or watching another sporting event, traveling, cooking, hiking, learning, reading, or enjoying the lively Triangle arts-culture-food scenes.  She also spends a lot of time with her two dogs and her cat.

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