dan campbell

Dan Campbell

Modern Art by Dan Campbell
In 1991, we moved our whole family down to Cary from northern Virginia for me to work in a health and fitness business. We liked Cary because there was only 35,000 people here at the time and it seemed very family oriented. It was a great move because we are within a few hours drive from our friends and family in Virginia. My advice for newcomers is that North Carolina has so much to offer! 2 hours to the beach, 3 hours to the mountains, which makes for ideal day and weekend getaways, and a moderate climate that allows for lots of outdoor activities in all parts of the state. This area is filled with great restaurants and nightlife. The arts are truly coming of age in the Triangle as well with wonderful venues for performing and visual arts. We have terrific sports…Durham Bulls baseball, Panthers football, college basketball. (I am a DUKE FAN) You can literally golf 12 months out of the year here and it’s the same price in most places as it was 20 years ago! The quality of life and value  of this area is beyond measure.
After the corporate world and going the business route for most of my adult years, I decided to drastically change my profession about 2 1/2 years ago. I woke up with a personal revelation of doing what I am passionate about. Could I turn my art into a business for the rest of my LIFE?? Two and a half years later, I can say ABSOLUTELY YES!! I am now living my dream as a modern artist and if I can do that, then anyone can accomplish almost anything they set out to do in the Triangle. My TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN THE TRIANGLE are to take advantage of all the networking opportunities that are here! I’ve been in an AWESOME BNI group for 7 years now.
1. Duke University Golf Course, it’s ALWAYS in great shape and it’s very challenging
2. Nana’s Restaurant, Durham is wonderful for special occasions. I just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary there with my lovely wife, Wally.
3. NCMA, NC Museum of Art in Raleigh (I couldn’t agree more!)
4. Cameron Indoor Stadium, Home of the CAMERON CRAZIES!
5. Walnut Creek Amphitheater