Aaron & Tatiana blog picBuying a home with Kristin exceeded EVERY expectation that we had going into the process. There is nothing that didn’t go better than I had hoped. Kristin started our buying process by asking specific questions about what we were looking for in a new home. She really listened to the wants and needs Tatiana gave her and, really quickly, was able to find potential properties to search. I was extremely happy when I went through them that they matched our criteria and she wasn’t attempting to “up-sell” us on anything. She stuck to the area we wanted to live in and our budget. When we went to look at houses, we were spending our time on homes that interested us. Her and her team made the choice hard and that is a real compliment!

Kristin’s flexibility throughout our convoluted process was appreciated. Her and Bo’s work to coordinate with the sellers and legal office was appreciated. We were so glad you took that off our hands. She communicated well and abundantly. She answered questions and provided more support than I ever expected from a realty office.

I was a skeptic. I dislike salespeople. I do, however like Kristin. I would recommend her to my friends and family. I’d insist that they call her to avoid anyone else. She is client centered, personable, and knowledgeable and will find the home that best suits anyone’s needs. Kristin really blew away my preconceptions and expectations.

Thank you so much. Tatiana and I cannot say enough how happy we are and how excited we are to be HOME! All thanks to Kristin and her team! – Aaron