Awhile back at a Gospel at Work Forum, I started talking to Kanon Burt, the manager of Iron Tribe North Raleigh. His enthusiasm and excitement about what he was doing was apparent from the moment we met.   We started talking about my interest in getting back into a regular workout routine and what was holding me back– as a busy person it was easy for me to simply push the trip to the gym to the side, especially when I knew no one was counting on me to be there and I also had to plan out the workout, figure out the best diet, and be my own motivator and trainer. Kanon smiled – Iron Tribe had a solution to each and every possible reason I could think of to not go to the gym.

Iron Tribe North Raleigh is a small gym franchise located at 9009 Baileywick Road in North Raleigh made up of 300 members max. Each Iron Tribe location only allows 300 members max to ensure a true sense of community.  The atmosphere is welcoming and not intimidating because while the members are athletes, they are first generally both men and women business owners and professionals who don’t have a lot of time but want to take care of themselves and stay in shape.

The workouts, which change daily, are based on functional fitness, meaning they are very efficient exercises using multiple body parts akin to movements that you would make in life day to day. There is no need to plan out your workout or worry about if you are doing a move correctly – everything is provided for you including great instruction.  You show up, they kick your butt for 45 minutes, then you leave feeling great.

The camaraderie and accountability at Iron Tribe North Raleigh make going classes easy.  The fact that everyone is going through the same pain helps me get through the workout and motivate others to do the same. Knowing that there is a group of people who do this regularly with me and who will wonder where I am if I don’t show always gives me that extra push to be sure to show up. There is just a natural draw that makes you want to be part of the group there.

If you are interested in learning more about Iron Tribe North Raleigh please feel free to give me a call!  Spaces are filling up quickly!

What is your favorite Raleigh gym or workout?