John C

John Costigan

New Velocity
120 Preston Executive Dr Suite 101, Cary 27513
I relocated to Atlanta 6 years ago from Chicago with a company that was a storage hub for computer storage. I was on the road quite often, and having a young family, was a bit stressful. When my son, Jack, was born, I was recruited to Raleigh with a tech leasing firm which was great because there was no travel involved and I could be with my family during their young years. I now travel around the world and I still love calling the Triangle area home! My advice for newcomers is GET OUT AND ABOUT!!! This area has so much to offer in terms of culture, people, restaurants and art.
I am a Partner and Co-Founder of New Velocity, formerly, Costigan Training. My partner and I have built a sales training company that offers our clients a dynamic, complete sales training system, that is customizable, scalable and easily reinforced by our clients. I call myself an “Entertrainer” because I have the unique ability to train and entertain at the same time! I strongly believe that both teaching and learning should be fun. One of the most unique things I do during training is ask an audience member who they are scared to call for an appointment. I will find that prospects contact info, and get them on the phone LIVE! They key is to NOT SOUND LIKE A SALESPERSON!!
My TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN THE TRIANGLE are rather simple and apply most anywhere in the world…people are people. Treat everyone you meet with respect and like you wish to be treated. I will add this, if you can’t make it in the Triangle, you can’t make it anywhere.
1. Margaux’s Restaurant, LOVE Steve Horowitz (I couldn’t agree more!)
2. Ruth’s Chris Cary, Gregg Rinaldi, the GM is AWESOME! (I couldn’t agree more!)
3. Doherty’s Irish Pub is the closest to being in Dublin without crossing the pond
4. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries
5. The Umstead Hotel & Spa
Oh, and by the way, Jet’s Pizza in Cary…It’s hard to find true Chicago style in this area, and they deliver in 30 minutes!!