carlton_commonsWe met Katrina as she represented the new buyer of the rental property we used to live in. She was very kind and efficient in working to make sure the buyer had everything he needed to close including coming into our home and doing a couple of required repairs herself! She stops at nothing for her clients. We were still looking for our next rental property when we met her. We wanted a specific location and it needed to fit a certain price range. We were having a hard time with this and started to worry about where we would live with our three kids as time ticked by! She found it for us! She was very diligent in the process and always made us feel comfortable. Katrina is very hands on and great at detail.  She has become a family friend and our REALTOR for future transactions. If you want someone that is hard-working, easily accessible and honest, Katrina Shankles is your best option!” 


Catherine M.