20170707_112227(1)I was referred to Katrina Shankles by a coworker and as a first time buyer, there were many questions I had regarding the purchase process of our new home.  Katrina answered all of them with knowledge, professionalism and detail.  She is a very friendly and patient agent.  My interests were always her interests during the whole purchase process and I can gladly say that she helped our dream come true.  We did not have much time before we had to move out of our previous home, but I also knew this was the purchase of a lifetime and I wanted to make sure we made the right choice.  Katrina made things much easier for us, always staying ahead of the game.   As soon as she sent me the listing, I contacted her and she made time to come show it to us.  It was a beautiful house and I knew it was not going to last long so we had to move quick.  Thanks to Katrina, this house is now our home and I am confident to say that we made the right choice.  We are very happy with our purchase and will be for many years to come.

My family and I highly recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a friendly, patient, knowledgeable and professional agent.  We guarantee that your interests will be in great hands.


Miguel and family.