2016-12-12_162912Kristin Vore and Galen Durant are a dynamic duo when it comes to buying and selling homes. As first time home buyers we were anxious about the process but every step along the way they were there to tell us what to expect, what timeline we were operating on, and what the hurdles could be. When push came to shove, and multiple offers were on the table for our ideal home, Kristin and Galen had a strategy which allowed us to beat out the competition.
We went from seeing a home we liked to having our offer accepted on that home within a week thanks to their hard work and expert advice! Kristin’s strategy and experience are perfect for putting you in the home you want in this hyper-competitive market. We appreciated their help and enjoyed our time with them so much that we invited them to our house-warming party. It was a phenomenal experience from first meeting to post-sale.