Marilyn Tschudi

As someone who grew up in an adventurous family who wasn’t afraid to move, Marilyn Tschudi can empathize with folks who are selling one home and buying the next. Marilyn was born in Washington State — moved various times within the US and then moved to São Paulo, Brazil where her father was transferred just before her senior year in high school. She received her BA from Columbia University in NYC and then moved to Cary with her husband and baby boy. After having two more children — a boy and a girl — she began working in construction. She was a designer/remodeler for over 20 years before acquiring her Real Estate license. Her experience in construction has served her well. “I have a real passion for creating and now helping people buy or sell beautiful homes.” When Marilyn is not working with clients, she loves to write — she has one published novel that she wrote, loosely based upon her childhood in Washington State, called Pike Place. She enjoys reading and she loves to travel with her husband and now grown children.

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