Mike Chiarelli

Mike’s father was a NY police officer for 36 years, and he lived by a code; ‘To Protect & Serve’. That directive, and ‘Servant Leadership’ mentality has defined Mike’s life and career. 

From his weekends and summers doing electrical contracting work as a young teen through college on Long Island’s east-end and ‘Gold Coast,’ to his successful rehabbing business; Mike understands the intricacies of home improvement, full scale renovation, as well as the probable price buyers would be willing to pay for a house in order to best counsel his clients, ensuring they receive the highest price for their properties. 

Mike’s illustrious career has spanned roles in management, technology and real property sales, and marketing, and has ultimately lead him to fulfilling his passion full-time through residential real estate brokerage. His extensive knowledge of The Triangle, along with his negotiation skills, sales experience, and hands on knowledge of relocation (he moved his family from LI to The Triangle in 2012) and home renovation are a competitive edge towards helping each buyer successfully identify and acquire their perfect home, and getting each seller top dollar when it’s time to sell. 

Whether you’re looking to understand which updates will drive the highest ROI when selling or seeking to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when buying, Mike and his team are equipped to meet all of your real estate needs and drive maximum value in the process. When Mike’s not helping his clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Michele, and 4 children; Olivia, Charlie, Johnny, & Luke.


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