scott tobin

Scott Tobin

Owner & Lead Trainer

Burn Boot Camp – Northwest Raleigh

6300 Creedmoor Rd. #126

Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

(631) 767-6066


I moved to the Triangle about two years ago from Vancouver, Canada where I was working as a personal training consultant. I had about five job offers, most of them on the West Coast, and I honestly pulled a name out of a hat. It happened to be Raleigh, North Carolina. So I moved down here, and opened up my first Burn Boot Camp franchise.

I was drawn to Burn Boot Camp as a way to invest in the gym industry, but it also gave me the opportunity to be a lead trainer. I ultimately wanted to be back in the training role again. The best part about this business is helping others succeed. Burn Boot Camp is woman focused, and I’ve found if I can help women find a healthy lifestyle, it usually has a trickle down effect on their families. Our philosophy is building women in our community in a mental, emotional and physical perspective. Burn Boot Camp – Northwest Raleigh was ranked #6 out of nearly 100 Burn Boot Camps nationwide, and referrals are the number one reason we’ve been so successful at this location.

One of the great things about Raleigh is all of the outdoor activities. There are a ton of festivals that drive different people together. People are really friendly down here, and it’s much more laid back and easy going. It can be a more affordable place to live, and there is a lot of opportunity in this area. As a newcomer, I definitely take advantage of all the greenways, great restaurants, and breweries.

My top tip for success is to get out there and start introducing yourself to people. Raleigh is a really close knit area. It’s all about helping others, and they’ll reach out and help you in return, which is pretty awesome.