JOEPatience is a virtue they say. Well, Billy has a virtue then. Before I was even ready to purchase a home, he made himself available but never made me feel rushed or pressured. When we started the process with an orientation at his office, he took as long as I needed to help me understand the process and go through it in an organized, clear way. And then actually being in the process and listening to his client and what their needs are. He showed great patience from start to finish, which as a client is really appreciated because of all the stress and pressure. Billy was very knowledgeable of all the details and was humble to say when he didn’t. He would reach out and research on our behalf to find out the answer we were looking for. And his connections are STELLAR! His colleague, Kristie Melvin, with whom I had the absolute pleasure working with during the bulk of this process, brought a sense of passion, which was so comforting as a client to hear someone fighting just as hard as you are every step of the way. She also had a phenomenal ability to adapt her tone and hear me as the client based off where I was emotionally. His lender, Steve Hobbs, was so informative and level-headed, bringing a sense of calm to the financial side of the process. And his lawyer, Ashley Ray, was so warm and welcoming as we put a bow on everything. Thank you to all these people and Billy, for being the best dream team a new homeowner could ask for!