A few months ago, my interior-designer friend told me about a new trend — painting interior doors black. I had never thought about black before, but it actually made a lot of sense.

My old doors were white, cheap panel hollow doors with scratches and mismatched hardware. I thought about getting new doors for the home, but when I started pricing it – it was almost $1000 (and that was with a builder’s discount).

Take a look at these photos and let me know what you think.




Here are the three reasons why I choose to go with a black paint.

  1. It’s an inexpensive fix. The total cost came to about $20 a door. It would be even cheaper if you painted the doors yourself. In my case, I didn’t have the time so I hired a painter to do it for me. We also replaced the hardware on all the doors which cost about $350 through Amazon. My tip is always to shop the internet versus going to the big box home improvement stores.
  2. It looks expensive. I recently read that painting doors black can increase list price on a home by $5,000 because the perception is that it’s upgraded.
  3. It’s durable. If you have kids or dogs, you probably spend a lot of time scrubbing your doors. The black color not only looks great, but it also hides those marks.

If you’re ready to make the change, start by going to Pinterest. Once you see the pictures you can really start to visualize it in your home.

Also, use a high gloss paint and keep your trim contrasted with white paint.

This is a good project to tackle if you’re getting ready to sell your home. It’s dramatic, super simple and a lot easier than painting an entire room.