All commissions are paid by the seller in the Raleigh area, so it makes sense to use a real estate agent to buy a home because for a buyer the help is free!  A good real estate agent will help you find the right home in the right area, guide you away from big mistakes, and negotiate a better deal for you.  They can provide the most thorough and up to date searches through the MLS in addition to using office resources and networking to search for homes that are possibly not yet on the market.

Some buyers think they will save money if they do not use an agent. Think again. The seller has agreed to pay a certain commission rate to the listing agent, regardless of whether the buyer is represented or not. If you don’t have an agent, the listing agent will keep the entire amount, and you will miss out on the benefit of professional advice.

Access to historical neighborhood sales information allows real estate agents to research and develop the best offer approach that focuses on comparable properties that sold for less rather than mid range.  Additionally, thorough industry knowledge can help buyers get huge reductions in certain cases.

Once we were under contract, my Hunter Rowe agent found a landscaping feature over the property line and got me another $6,000 reduction!”

Hunter Rowe Agent Christine Nguyen with Beezer On-Site Agent Keith Stirewalt

Hunter Rowe Agent Christine Nguyen with Beezer On-Site Agent Keith Stirewalt

An agent can also refer you to trusted home inspectors and mortgage brokers who they have done repeat business with which will be vital to ensure a smooth buying process.

BEWARE of agents who offer you part of their commission as a “buyer rebate”. This may be a sign they are struggling to survive as real estate broker, and as a result may not be competent to represent you.

Real estate agents can help buyers with new construction as well.  A good agent will be crucial to guiding you through the possibly lengthy process and providing insight along each step of the way.  There are many important questions to ask and negotiation strategies to use in new construction to ensure the best result for you as a buyer.