20170430_112347After the economic tumble of the last decade my wife and I were not in a position to remain in Massachusetts. We sold our home and moved back to North Carolina where we had lived from 1986 to 1998.  Once in NC we settled into a rented single wide trailer on our daughters property.  We were constantly on the internet searching for homes but found that the new development in Apex  had seemingly priced us out of the area overnight.  We expanded our search fields as far West as Hickory and South to Lillington.  We had tried the services of three realtors and viewed over 70 homes.

  We met Mrs. Shankles some time ago and my wife and I recognized her as a kindred spirit and we were more than happy to keep in touch with her until she ultimately found a firm that was her best fit. That firm was Hunter Rowe.  Mrs. Shankles was constantly submitting homes for us to visit and was willing to travel to places that we felt were outside of her sales area.  We were quickly told “No Fences, if its listed, I can show it”. It took a year to find a home that satisfied my wife’s demands.   Mrs. Shankles was very instrumental in helping us find a lending institution, (I must take time to thank Marie at Prestige for clearing up a discrepancy on our credit report which no one else seemed to be able to do). Mrs. Shankles worked with Kyle and Marie at Prestige Lending and kept us informed of our next paperwork. When the negotiation for price began we were kept informed of the issues and the outcome.  We were able to reduce the price by nearly $10,000!!!  Mrs. Shankles helped us find contractors to repair the home to fulfill FHA requirements.  After the closing she remained on task until all repairs were complete.  Weeks later I received a flash drive with every document I signed from the” You are my Agent Agreement” to copies of the Closing Documents.  I have to thank Hunter Rowe for the level of service it demands of it’s agents and furthermore I am thankful that Mrs. Shankles was my agent and not the sellers agent. We have a Home.